Why Not Eliminate All Beliefs?

I’m sometimes asked, “Why not just eliminate all your beliefs? Isn’t that the point of enlightenment?”

It is possible to eliminate all of your beliefs with the Clear Beliefs Process. It would take some time – because you’ve accumulated tens of thousands of beliefs in your lifetime.

Consider language. It’s a hidden belief structure – one that you live and operate throughThe word “cat,” for example, is a belief. It places everything in the world into a category (pun intended) consisting of two groups: “cats” and “not-cats.”

This is a very useful distinction – especially if you own a pet, or feed animals at the zoo, or watch funny animal videos on YouTube.

Your vocabulary is likely around 15,000 words (the average for most English speakers), and might be closer to Shakespeare’s vocabulary of 30,000 words. If you’re a specialist, such as a physician, your vocabulary could be in excess of 100,000 words. Each word is a belief that something is called something.  If you eliminated your entire vocabulary, what would your world look like?

Let’s imagine that you managed to eliminate all of the beliefs you accumulated during your lifetime. Your mind would be quiet. You would be fully awake, and present. You would have no language with which to communicate. You would need a caretaker – because your world would be a mass of undifferentiated stuff, and there would be no sense of “self.”  You might be seen as comatose, or an enlightened spiritual master.  Ramana Maharshi was considered an avatar. He experienced sudden realization at the age of 16, in which “I saw the seer disappear leaving That alone which stands forever. No thought arose to say ‘I saw.’ How then could the thought arise to say ‘I did not see.'” 

If you want to operate in the world (the non-enlightened world), you need beliefs to function. 

Beliefs are the alphabet we use to construct the language of experience.

If you’re building a house, you need to carry and use the tools required to build houses.  Every “world” has its own set of beliefs – tools – that are required to operate in that world.

If you want to be effective and powerful in the world, you need to hold beliefs about yourself that create the experience of effectiveness and empowerment.

What experiences do you want to have? When you answer that question, you can identify, create, and take on beliefs that will create those experiences.

What experiences would you prefer not to have? When you answer that question, you can delete the beliefs that cause those unpleasant experiences to occur.

Most of our beliefs are transparent to us. They operate in the background, painting a picture of the world in front of our eyes that are based on those beliefs.  Like looking through colored lenses, we soon forget we’re looking through a filter.  That’s just how the world looks.

The Clear Beliefs Process brings subconscious beliefs (the ones running your life) up to the conscious level, so you can examine them, see what experiences they’re creating, and decide for yourself whether you want to keep them or let them go.  This is true empowerment.

If you’re a coach, healer, therapist, or change agent, you’ll want to learn methods for belief change for yourself and your clients.  Check out the Clear Beliefs Coach Training, which is presented twice each year.

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Lion Goodman
  • yonit crystal
    Posted at 11:54h, 12 May Reply

    thank you

  • Brad Cassidy
    Posted at 16:57h, 16 October Reply

    Good stuff Lion! A simple concept but one that so few actually understand. Knowing our beliefs is truly an element of mastery. Knowing our cultures over-arching beliefs is yet another. It is all so valuable.

  • Neal A
    Posted at 22:02h, 03 December Reply

    Great Stuff!!

  • J. Adam Milgram
    Posted at 10:12h, 02 March Reply

    We live by belief! Right or wrong/good or bad.



  • Eleanor Grande
    Posted at 18:07h, 18 January Reply

    Beliefs. Maybe this occurs like the exits off a major freeway. You have a destination (major path); however, there may
    be a Belief resting inside you that does not appear when I’m on that main road. . .I let the road become my focused
    Then, for whatever reason, I decide to take an exit, maybe to just relax from my long drive, get out and stretch my
    legs. And I see a beautiful wooded area with a small lake hidden amongst the greenery.
    Just for a moment, I no longer am thinking about that main highway, I only am being part of this new
    unexpected discovery on my trip.
    Is this what can occur when a new “belief” in whatever form show up to challenge our ordinary-ness????
    And I want to explore it, name it, partake of whatever I see (feel), and perhaps take the memory with me
    a subtle change having occurred in me, so that I will incorporate that experience into my “Belief” system of Reality.

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