As a subconscious pattern detective, I can help you find and delete core beliefs, childhood wounds, and deep patterns that are interfering with your life, your love, and your success.

Subconscious beliefs are the primary source of life’s most serious problems and issues.

Regardless of where they came from, I will guide you, using the Clear Beliefs Method, and show you how to eliminate them permanently – so they never interfere with your life again.

Many beliefs cluster together, so complete elimination of long-standing patterns may take several sessions – yet much more quickly than talk therapy, psychoanalysis, or somatic therapies. You will feel the results immediately. Long-standing problems simply… disappear.

Many of us have suffered from some level of  developmental trauma or incidental (shock) trauma– negative experiences we suffered as children. It could have been violence or abuse in the family, or the way your mother responded to being pregnant with you, or her lack of care for you when you needed her the most.  To a child, feeling abandoned or rejected can be just as traumatizing as being beaten or punished.

On top of any adverse childhood experience, you also got a lot of crappy programming from your parents, caregivers, family members, teachers, friends, and the media. It’s likely that your parents were not ideal models of mature, secure, and unconditional love!

During the process of becoming you, you took on other people’s beliefs, values, and ways of behaving. You came to some wrong conclusions about yourself, other people, and the world.

Negative and limiting beliefs at the core of your psyche can result in these symptoms and conditions:

  • Low-self-esteem, negative self-talk
  • Lack of motivation
  • Critical or mean inner voices
  • Weight and health problems
  • Interference with success in life
  • Bad habits and repeating negative behaviors
  • Difficulties in personal and work relationships
  • Inability to bounce back from challenges or failure
  • Comparing and judging oneself and others
  • Uncomfortable feelings, sensations, & emotions


The Clear Beliefs Method takes you to the source of your persistent issue, and permanently eliminates it from your psyche.

Once you delete the old pattern, you can then choose what reality you prefer to create.  We work at the “causal” level of the mind, bypassing the “story” level. You experience internal shifts almost instantly. You feel different. Your world is different. You become the Creator of your own life.

This work has a subtle side effect: it awakens you to who you really are. Your inner wisdom and unique virtues emerge naturally. You are no longer tied to the bounds of the past. You are truly free.

In terms of change in and for myself, and in terms of time spent, this was about the best investment I’ve ever made in coaching (and I have tried many coaches).

~ D.K., Bozeman, Montana

My six-month coaching program with Lion led to emotional healing, new healthy habits, increased self-confidence, significant insights and many other wins. He helped me become “unstuck,” and I am forever grateful. I have learned to step out of my comfort zone, implement changes at my own pace, and become more conscious of my feelings, thoughts, and beliefs – and how they affect my decisions and actions. Although hardly noticeable at the time, these shifts, viewed over time, have been profound.  Lion offers a safe environment, great tools, encouragement, challenges, and tough love when needed. If you’re willing to be coached, and actually put in the work, you will see results. He is well-read, skilled and intuitive, and he has a wicked sense of humor. No session is ever boring! I am enjoying my journey of transformation, and I’m excited for what is yet to come. Thank you, Lion!

~ Chonticha M., Netherlands

In our very powerful coaching session, I felt a shift both emotionally and physically. What had been stuck inside me my whole life finally came out. I’m still processing what happened, but for maybe the first time in my life, I feel shame-free. I no longer feel the need to justify myself for who I am.

~ MG, Pasadena, California

Lion is a fantastic coach, and he has served as a role model for my work and life as a business leader. He helped me understand interpersonal dynamics in a profound way, and he guided me through some tricky relationship issues with both family members and friends. He is a true master when it comes to relationships between men and women, and between a CEO and his employees. His wisdom has served me greatly, and I heartily recommend Lion as a coach to anyone looking to expand their intelligence and awareness – especially in the arena of developing healthy relationships.

~ Tom Lev, Founder & CEO, Sage A.I., San Francisco

When I needed support, you took my hand and guided me into the scariest, darkest, and hellish locations of my inner psyche. As the healing began, I released one obstacle at a time, and received the nourishment needed to heal. Thank you for opening my heart and soul.

~ Nance B., Spokane, Washington

Lion is one of the most intelligent, caring, creative, and experienced mental health professionals I have ever met. My gratitude cannot be expressed with words.

~ Jeanette Spence, APRN, Columbia, South Carolina

Executive COACHING

with Lion Goodman, PCC and Carista Luminare, Ph.D.

Business schools do not teach you how to become a complete human being.  Business is often heartless. My father-in-law famously said, “Business kills more men than bullets.

If you’re ready for true life mastery as a leader, executive, or entrepreneur,  our customized coaching program will accelerate both your learning and your evolution. Our goal is not only make you more effective at work, it is also to help you evolve into a balanced, loving, and wise person – the kind of leader that others want to follow.

Beginning with a series of proprietary assessments, we review your past conditioning, and identify patterns and obstructions that have prevented you from fulfilling your destiny.

We take you through an in-depth process of clearing your old beliefs and false identities. This enables your True Self to emerge. Your life changes course – toward profound impact, fulfillment, and love.

We then help you integrate your new skills and awakened powers into all aspects of your life – marriage and family, business relationships, health and lifestyle, and financial and career success.

A leader who embodies purpose, passion, and inner harmony naturally inspires and motivates others to produce high-performance business results.

This profound year-long program includes two phone sessions per month, two private weekend coaching retreats, and one week-long intensive. The program includes our work with your spouse and/or business partners.


If you’re in the midst of a personal or professional relationship crisis, we can provide pragmatic, therapeutic interventions that rapidly return both of you to an awakened state of clarity.

A crisis can be sparked by betrayals, affairs, withdrawal, addictions, or repeated behaviors that never seem to change.  Once a crisis blooms, a third party is required to find the solution that neither party can see.  The old habitual behaviors and emotions of one person triggers the other, and a co-triggering pattern results.

Our proprietary methodology, based on the Neuroscience of Relationships, connects you both to the compassionate wisdom and power of your True Self – the most dependable source of resolution.

Sessions are offered by phone, Skype, or in person, as needed, until the crisis is fully resolved, and the relationship is back on solid, healthy footing.


We will create a customized in-depth retreat for individuals, couples, families, or teams. We focus on solving longstanding, systemic problems, and enhancing alignment between participants. Our goal is to bring balance and harmony to couples, and alignment and vision to teams, especially those who need to accomplish critical high-performance projects.


I’m very excited by how I’ve been using the Clear Beliefs Process. I love integrating your powerful tools in a larger context and flow of practices. I think it’s a huge part of the success my students are experiencing.

~ Tomar Levine, Soul Guidance for Business, New York

The techniques are both fun and powerful. This work will continue to influence how I think and perceive what’s going on in my head – and in my life!

~ L.Z., Paris, France

You were the turning point for me. You helped me awaken, and you saw me and believed in me when I was showing up as a shy, confused and sad young woman. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without you. I so appreciate your love, knowledge and mentorship.

~ Sally Hope, Wildheart Revolution, Bozeman, Montana

The Clear Beliefs process is amazing in terms of the results produced in just a few weeks. My core beliefs, which had been troublesome for decades, simply lost their emotional charge — and were replaced by new beliefs that support and thrill me!

~ Jim Bird, Life Coach, Downingtown, PA

As a Stress Therapist, I can recommend the Clear Beliefs Process as a first place winner to relieve stress and create a balanced life! I’ve studied cognitive work and believe that this work is much more value for the money – it actually transforms your subconscious mind – which is a rare thing!

~ Marina Malmberg, Stress Therapist, Sweden

The Clear Beliefs Process is simply the best way I’ve found to permanently remove old troublesome beliefs. The process works even on core beliefs, established in early childhood – the ones that have produced intense suffering for decades. Over the past four months I’ve witnessed amazing changes in myself, and in those I’m working with.

~ Robert Sanders, Life Coach, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

This belief course was exactly what I had been searching for but couldn’t find. It’s been liberating and enlightening to be able to finally uncover and discover the blocks and beliefs that have been problematic, worrisome, stressful and hindering in many aspects and areas of my life. I appreciate that this is something I can continue to practice on my own, and get excellent results! Thank you!

~ Janna Ekstrom, Bend, Oregon

The Clear Beliefs course has been a joy and privilege to attend. I’ve cleared what has kept me stuck from moving forward in my life. The tools have enabled me to take action and get me off my ass and create! It has been a joy and a blessing. As a Licensed Psychological Counselor in private practice, what I’ve learned has brought a new sense of joy and excitement into my work. My clients tell me they love the processes and are excited in the results they are getting – especially the children. I love seeing them reconnect to their joy, happiness and childlike wonder.

~ Deborah Chelette-Wilson, Winnsboro, Texas

The last 40 years of my life were tough – a lot of difficulties and very little joy. I came to the same painful places too often, which left me feeling immense grief, or uncomfortable numbness at best. During our work together, my zest for life began to come back. I am beginning to experience joy and excitement, and to create my life, rather than letting it pass me by. I look forward to the new bright day that is dawning. I am very grateful to you.

~ Monika Jacobson, Stuttgart, Germany

Lion’s voice and manner are reassuring and unflappable.  I was amazed by his ability to support and encourage every client. If one approach did not reach the problem, he shifted to yet another way to look at things. You could hear the change in the participant’s voice when the core belief was reached. Amazing!

~ M.P., Auckland, New Zealand

The Clear Beliefs training with Lion is the single best investment I’ve made in my well-being for a very long time. I experienced deep core insights right from the beginning, and in each and every session. As I released old, limiting conditioning and confirmed new, revitalizing beliefs, my optimism, clarity, productivity and finances increased too! If you are ready to address the challenges you are facing and take a stand for having what you want, I cannot recommend his programs more highly.

~ Sandy Kuehl, Des Moines, Iowa

I used your technique for getting rid of underlying belief around money. I’m on commission and hadn’t had a sale in 3 months. 18 hours after clearing my beliefs, I got a call from a prospect I had given up on. He said he’s ready to buy!

~ Gene Tress, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I continue to use the Clear Beliefs process on myself, and with my clients. It continues to grow organically (just as you predicted) from my clients’ individual needs.

~ Melinda Matzell, Therapeutic Yoga Instructor and Therapist

There’s something about this process that has made it much easier to let underlying beliefs float to the surface where I can see them for what they are. They seem like separate entities that I can address respectfully, rather than shameful things to avoid.

~ B.L., Paducah, Kentucky

The Clear Beliefs Process transformed several underlying beliefs which had previously limited me. I gained not only new, more powerful beliefs, but I also learned a process I can use in the future to fine-tune my beliefs anytime in the future.

~ Kathryn P., Summit County, Colorado

Thanks again for a powerful session. That night, my wife and I were planning a trip to Costa Rica. With a more grounded energy inside of me, I had new eyes, and new possibilities opened up. We magically found a way to reduce the cost of the trip by several thousand dollars! It felt like a direct result of the session, with practical intelligence starting to operate more fully inside of me. The session has already paid for itself many times!

~ David Nicol, Ph.D., Sebastopol, California

I have been living in a completely new space since our work together. The shame has virtually disappeared. I have a new life. I feel free. It’s like the contents in my psyche’s warehouse have been removed and I can now explore this openness. I can think more clearly. I am more alert, more energetic. I no longer feel like I’m dragging a burden around all the time. I am sooo much lighter. I am growing up! It’s rather miraculous. My children have noticed the changes and they are changing too. The tension has been radically reduced. It is a new beginning – a new life!

~ Sherri Pula, Ontario Canada

I have used the Clear Beliefs process many times, and find it extremely useful.  It makes belief change much easier than with other processes I have used in the past. It is very powerful. I’ve had some amazing results with it. My old belief outfits are sometimes quite ghastly and unpleasant. My new beliefs feel wonderful, and they are beautiful, shiny, expansive and open.  Thank you very much for developing and sharing such a powerful process.

~ Jaki Kennedy, Kingston Upon Thames, England

The impact of our work together is still unfolding. My inner child was healed by your loving reflections and the message of protection you delivered. This opened me to move beyond the hurts and harm of the past, and brought new-found awareness.  I feel freed from dragging around garbage bags of weighty stuff, and the radiance of true Beingness that showed up at the end is still with me! I see and feel things coming to me that will propel my growth and movement as a change agent and Light Server. There is no time to lose, it appears. Get on with it, do it now!

~ D.F., Portland, Oregon

In the course we got to witness many people releasing negative beliefs about themselves. You could actually hear their voice change – they sounded lighter, often laughing and giggling like kids! It’s been amazing and inspirational to watch Lion work. In one session he helped the person create a new belief: “I am joyful and my inner child is safe.” It is miraculous to watch the changes from so simple an act.

~ Thea Deley, Paonia, Colorado

I use the Clear Beliefs process for myself every week, and I use it with my clients regularly. My whole life is shifting. I used to be miserable because of my inner critic. I am much more generous and forgiving of myself. I now live without the constant judgment and feeling bad about everything. I am cheerful more often, including at home.  I am taking steps that I just couldn’t before and now it seems natural. My heart swells instead of hides and shrivels. That is the best outcome for me because it allows me to move forward. This work is real. It creates positive change. It’s beautiful.

~ R.T., Denver, Colorado

Lion taught me and encouraged me to embrace and understand my pain and discomfort through his guidance, mindfulness, meditation, and his Clear Beliefs process. That has allowed me to remove pills from my life.

~ P. Zeller, Denver, Colorado