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Limiting beliefs, and their role in creating a great life

Jordan River of Lifebook interviews Lion about the role beliefs play in our lives.

New Perspectives on Emotions and Beliefs

Jordan River of Lifebook interviews Lion about emotions, and how our beliefs influence them.

How Our Beliefs Create Our Reality

Lion interviewed by Janean Strong on her podcast, “Keepin’ It Real with Janean.

Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting

Lion talks with Anodea Judith, PhD about their book, “Creating On Purpose,” and how beliefs enhance or interfere with the process of manifesting what you want in your life.

Are Your Beliefs About Money Preventing You From Having Enough?

Lion speaks about money beliefs at the Healthy Money Summit, sponsored by The Shift Network.  Why it’s difficult to change our beliefs about money, and how they impact not only our own lives, but the entire economy.

The Belief Café

A relaxed conversation about the ABCs: Awareness, Beliefs, and Consciousness.

Revive Her Drive

Susan Bratton interviews Lion on sex, sexuality, security, and passion. Especially for men. [Note: Explicit Sexual Content]

The Spiritual Quest vs. the Manifestation Quest

Lion interviews spiritual teacher Saniel Bonder, author of “Waking Down” and “Healing the Spirit/Matter Split.”

Global Belief Relief

An experiment in mass belief change with The Gathering for Change Agents, a group of 1,000+ coaches, consultants, and teachers around the world.

Healing Narcissism – Is it Even Possible?

Lion is interviewed by Chris Kyle on The Conscious Men’s Summit, produced by the ManKind Project.


Love, Relationships, and Health

Lion speaks to students at San Francisco State University (unedited).

Consciousness, Beliefs, and Behavior Change

Lion speaks to students at San Francisco State University (unedited).

Secure Bonding – It’s Never Too Late!

Interview about relationships with Lion Goodman and Carista Luminare.

Delete the Beliefs That Defeat You

Tammy Lawman of AVAIYA University interviews Lion about clearing whatever’s in the way.

Flash from the Past: An Original Movie by Lion Goodman!

Lion and his team shot this adventure movie in 1970, the year he graduated from High School in Denver, Colorado. It’s in grainy B&W, originally shot on 16 mm film with a hand-held camera, and spliced by hand with film glue.  It’s about a rebellious young man, and the results of his rebellion on the entire school.  The film was silent, and accompanied by an incredible soundtrack of music from that time, reproduced here in full fidelity.  Enjoy!

Can Changing Your Beliefs Change Your Life?

Lion is interviewed by master coach Michael Taylor, discussing beliefs, and why they’re so difficult to change. They also talk about the drive for success, and what gets in the way, and Lion offers some tidbits about his history, and how he got to this place of becoming a Subconscious Pattern Detective and Beliefs Wizard.


A Shot In The Light

Lion’s famous near-death story that has been published internationally.

The Limiting Beliefs Quiz

Find out how stuck you are in your limiting beliefs, and learn how to get un-stuck.

Creating On Purpose – A Prelude

An epic poem written by Lion and Anodea Judith, for their  book, “Creating On Purpose.”  Published in 11:11 Magazine (Page 23). If you aren’t able to download the magazine, here’s a pdf version.

The Narcissism Primer

A free ebook about the entire spectrum of narcissism, from “Healthy Narcissism” to “Toxic Narcissism.”  Lion discusses his discoveries and transformation as a result of working to heal his own narcissism.

Clear Your Beliefs!

A beautiful multimedia ebook that explains what beliefs are, how they function, and how to change them.  Downloaded by more than 10,000 people so far.

An Open Apology to Women

I wrote this “apology to women,” ten years ago, before the #MeToo movement. On behalf of all men who have done harm, I offer a heartfelt apology to begin the healing process.

The Hidden Cost of Executive Marriage Crisis

An executive white paper by Lion Goodman, PCC and Carista Luminare, PhD, to help identify the cost to corporations when executives are in crisis at home.

Why You’re So Confused About Love – And What You Can Do About It

Our most popular article on the vicissitudes of love – why we’re confused, and specific methods for getting un-confused.


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