Is too much abundance possible?

For decades, I wanted more. More stuff. More money. More clients. More friends. More love. More attention.  This egotistical desire served me well.  I got a lot of everything, and in many cases, more than I could handle! The hunger for “more” seems to be insatiable.

There’s nothing wrong with ego desires – they move us forward in life – but as we mature, we are supposed to outgrow them.  As I became more and more aligned with my true nature, and discovered my life purpose, my hunger for ‘more’  turned into the desire for more opportunities to give my gifts to the world.

I’ve been highly motivated to make things happen since childhood – a compensation for my feelings of being disempowered, disconnected, and lonely. When I learned how to aim and focus my thought, will and energy, I was able to create what I wanted.  The path was not easy – it was full of twists, turns, and obstacles (as all paths are). But I persisted (the I Ching famously says, “Perseverance furthers.”), learned from my mistakes, tried again, and kept moving forward. And now, I have true abundance. I am blessed with work that I love, wonderful friends, clients, and students, an ideal, growing relationship with my partner Carista, and an easy flow of financial abundance.

It wasn’t instant success. I’ve made some major errors that have cost me dearly. My tendencies toward greed, narcissism, and a belief in my superiority have taken me down again and again – until I learned the lessons being offered by failure.

There are teachers who promise “instant manifestation,” but if something is too good to be true, it is.  Real abundance takes deep inner study and steady physical effort sustained over a long period of time.  Bringing your dream into reality doesn’t happen overnight.  In the not-too-distant past, it took many generations of workers to build a cathedral. Today, with modern technology, it still takes more than a year. Anything GREAT takes a lot of time and effort to create.

Is instant manifestation actually possible? It is, in your personal universe, the realm of thought and imagination. A huge inspiring vision can be created (or received) in just a moment. But that’s just the first step in a very long journey.  You have to wrestle a good idea down to the ground, condensing and shaping it to fit into this 3-dimensional reality (which is solid, precise, and unforgiving).

Your inner-verse exists within the social universe, the realm in which you and me exist.  In the “we” world of relationships, creation doesn’t happen through thought, intention, or inspiration alone.  The social universe has different laws of creation, including communication, enrollment, persuasion, negotiation, and exchange.

And both the personal and social universes exist within the physical universe – the realm of matter, energy, space and time.  This is where the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology hold sway.  We can’t create matter or energy, but we can make use of what has already been created by applying the laws of this realm, including manipulation, transportation, cutting, joining, and decorating.

I can instantly envision a perfect sculpture in my mind, with exquisite detail and elegant design. But in order to bring it into the real world, I need to buy a block of marble from the quarry – a very solid physical universe “thing.” I have to engage with others in my social universe, communicating my vision, needs and desires to other people, such as assistants, truck drivers, and the quarry owner – enrolling them in my creation.  I pay for the block of marble with money, a medium of exchange made of the consensus belief that those little pieces of paper have specific amounts of exchange value. It’s a creation in the social universe. To make it work in our lives, we need to align with its rules. If you want to make money, create value for others, and they will exchange their money for the value you’ve created for them.  But these social rules don’t matter to a block of stone.

These are some of the principles I teach in my book, Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras,” and in my Manifestation Mastery Mastermind program.  My co-author, Anodea Judith, is the world’s leading expert on the chakra system, an ideal model for understanding the principles of creation, the downward flow of energy from the crown (7th chakra) to the ground (1st chakra), from dream to reality.  This is how you bring your vision down to earth, step-by-step, from inspiration to physical form.  If you want to create something new in your life, this book walks you through the very real (and not instant) process.

There’s another really important principle of the mind that should be taught to every student in every school in the world (in my humble opinion).  Here it is: Whenever you attempt to create something new, old beliefs get stimulated, and they jump up out of the subconscious mind and begin to re-assert themselves.  As soon as you say, “I can…,” an old belief pops up: “You can’t…”   When you say, “I’m going to…” a bunch of beliefs start offering their opinions: You never have before.  It’s too hard.  You’re not capable.  You’re not worthy.  You don’t know enough.  There’s something wrong with you.  

If you come up with a great idea for making money, or saving the planet, or serving other people, you can count on hearing a bevy of internal voices telling you why it’s a bad idea.  “No one will like it. They’ll reject you. It’s a bad economy. Nobody will pay for it. You’ll starve. Wouldn’t it be better if you just laid back, watched TV, and ate some chocolate cake?

Too many people have allowed their beautiful visions and plans to be squashed by this mechanism of the mind.  More people are stopped by these internal voices of doubt and resistance than by any external block, barrier or limitation.

When you recognize that these voices are just automata – essentially machine parts – you can treat them as what they are – old beliefs trying to keep you safe.  They’re not authoritative sources of wisdom even if they sound like your own thoughts.  Acknowledge their presence (they are trying to protect you, after all), and don’t buy into their negative messages. This famous bumper sticker had good advice: Don’t believe everything you think.  And don’t believe everything you feel, either. Feelings such as fear, trepidation, frustration, and shame are all part of the same mechanism.

Once you can see them as merely old beliefs, you can begin to remove them one by one. It’s like having a machete in the jungle.  You can’t see your destination through the thick vegetation, but you can cut down whatever is in your way, clearing your path one step at a time.

The Clear Beliefs Method is designed to do just that – remove old, limiting, and interfering beliefs.  Once they’ve been eliminated, they disappear from your consciousness, and they don’t come back.   You take the next step forward easily. And then the next step.  Other beliefs will crop up, for sure, but you have a tool to clear them.  When you keep taking steps forward, and don’t quit, nothing can stop you from creating your dream.

Many clients and students have called The Clear Beliefs Method a “magic wand.”  I’ve taught it to hundreds of coaches, therapists, and healers around the world during the past decade.  If you’re ready to dive deeply into your own belief structure, clear your mind of leftover detritus from the past, and zoom ahead on your road to manifesting the life of your dreams, (and help others do the same), join me for the Clear Beliefs Coach Training.    

In just 12 weeks, you get 75+ hours of in-depth education, training, and practice. You gain the skills to help yourself – and others – clear negative and limiting beliefs out of the way.  Information about the course is here.  (CCE credits are available through the International Coach Federation.)

The principles of manifestation work!  Now… where’s the valve I can turn to slow the flow?  I could use some rest!

I send my best wishes for your abundant life. May happiness and joy be your constant companions

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Lion Goodman
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