Manifestation Mastery
Coaching Program

Ongoing Program
2021 – 2022


Will this be the year you finally get that important project completed?  Will you accomplish one or more of your big goals?  Do you have the skills to bring your dream into physical reality?

It can happen – with the right level of commitment, coaching and support.  Very few people can achieve big dreams on their own. There are just too many internal and external blocks, barriers, and resistance, negative inner voices and well-meaning nay-sayers out in the world.  It’s like trying to swim upstream while the current is pushing against you.

I know a LOT about manifesting a vision and accomplishing goals.  My book “Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting,” (co-authored with Anodea Judith, Ph.D.) was published by Sounds True, and it has received great acclaim.  Many have called it “a life-changing instruction manual.”

I understand the process of taking an idea and wrestling it down to the ground and make it happen. And I’ve helped many people do the same. I’ve built a million-dollar business. I’ve launched numerous products. I created the Clear Beliefs Method, which I’ve taught to hundreds of people around the world. My coaching practice is full, and my clients feel transformed after they work with me.

I’m offering this 6-month coaching program to a select group of people – a maximum of twelve – who are highly-motivated to really get things done in the coming year.  Will you be one of them?

In 6 months of the Manifestation Mastery Program with Lion, I have made significant changes in every area of my business and personal life. I’ve stepped up into my CEO role, created new systems and an accountability program, and have focused on my highest value work. We completed the roll-out of our online learning platform and made our first sales, achieved our targets for production, and attended our first trade show as exhibitors. With Lion’s help, we created a whole new sales pipeline of qualified prospects that sets us up for exponential growth in the coming year.

~ Rachel Dungan, MSc(Pharm), MPSE, CEO, 4Front Pharmacy, Ireland

Here’s what you’ll receive in the
Manifestation Mastery Coaching Program

(Minimum 6-month commitment required)

  • Each month, you will receive:
    • Two 90-minute one-on-one personalized coaching sessions, focused on you, with your unique goals and vision
    • Top priority for additional urgency-based sessions for rapid clearing of whatever is coming up at the moment
    • One 2-hour group coaching call each month for group learning, problem solving, mastermind discussions, and live demonstrations of transformational coaching.


  • The Promise Game: a powerful weekly accountability structure that will help you stay in deep integrity, accountable to your own chosen goals, with two partners who are also in the program.
  • The book, “Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting,” a step-by-step guide to bringing any idea or dream into reality (plus a .pdf version!).
  • The Clear Your Beliefs Audio Program,  7 recorded sessions that will guide you through the process of deleting your negative and limiting subconscious beliefs and core wounds that have stood in your way and held you back (Value: $297).
  • Full Support for your manifestation journey, no matter what! You’ll get loving support from me, and other brilliant members of your cohort.
  • A special private group Facebook Page for mutual discovery, sharing, and support.
  • The opportunity to renew for another 6 months at the same price.
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Clarify your vision, then make it real.

Who you want to be in the world?  What you want to accomplish?  What will you be known for? What is your legacy?

Many people choose the wrong goals. They may be too big, which frustrates you when they don’t happen. They may be wrong for your personality – such as marketing your service yourself, when you aren’t naturally self-promoting. They may not be aligned with your purpose, so you don’t get the support you need from your soul, or the stamina you need to get through the hard stuff.  I will work with you to define and refine your goals until they are exactly right for you.

You’ll also learn how to dissolve blocks, barriers and resistance that have been preventing you from moving forward, taking action, or being your true, authentic self in the world.

You’ll receive two 1 ½  hour coaching sessions with me each month, one-on-one, focused on you, your dream for your life, and the practical steps you need to take to make it happen.  I’ll help you clear old limiting beliefs and childhood wounds that have held you back for years – or decades.  When you clear those logjams, your energy can flow, and you feel the rush of things going in the right direction.  That feeling motivates you to take the next step, and the next.

In addition, you’ll attend one 2-hour group call each month with your “cohort” of other committed people in the program.  We’ll meet by video conference, exploring the steps of manifestation, and processes for bringing dreams into reality – one step at a time.  During each group call, I’ll coach one or two participants, so everyone can get the benefit of each person’s learning and growth.  We’ll also engage in open group conversations to share the gifts of our collective wisdom.

We humans often fail at keeping our commitments. We get stuck, or waylaid, or distracted easily. We fall off the wagon. We shift our priorities. We sabotage our own efforts.

This program is designed to keep you on track, focused on your own goals, and also on what gets in the way.  Using the Clear Beliefs Method, we’ll clear it – permanently – so you can get back on track, moving forward toward your goals. Learning this skill makes you unstoppable!

I’m opening this program to only twelve people to keep it intimate and effective.  Those twelve openings will get grabbed quickly – so register HERE if you want to:

  • Get off your “but” and get your business off the ground …
  • Earn more money and become financially secure …
  • Discover and fulfill your true life purpose …
  • Achieve sustainable health and fitness …
  • Find a new or better job …
  • Move into a new home …
  • Create or deepen a loving relationship …
  • Get your childhood wounding out of the way …
  • Or if you’re very serious about another goal for your life.

You’ll join with two other participants in the program to form a powerful triad for The Promise Game (developed by my friend Howard Sambol, a Certified Clear Beliefs Coach). It is an effective, fun support structure for making and keeping promises to yourself, and others.  It will keep you on track like nothing else, and it’s a no-lose game – you either win, or learn!

You’ll receive a copy of my book, “Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting,” a guide to bringing any dream or vision into reality.  We’ll use many of the techniques described in the book during our six months together.

And you’ll ALSO get my Clear Your Beliefs audio program, which sells for $297. It’s a do-it-yourself guide with 7 recorded sessions you can use to delete limiting and negative beliefs from your subconscious mind – permanently – so they never come back!

At my usual one-on-one coaching rates, this program is valued at more than $2,500 per month. You’ll receive all this targeted support for your journey to manifest your dreams for only $900 per month.

Notice that OTHER parts of your subconscious mind will attempt to talk you out of this decision.  The longer you take to think about it, the more your natural resistance, caution, and negative voices will take over and prevent you from moving forward. This will allow you to keep doing what you’ve always done – NOT succeed.  Don’t let that happen. If it feels right, click HERE to register.  Now – before you slip back into those old patterns!}

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The cost of this six-month program is $5,400, payable in six monthly payments of $900 per month. You can join the group anytime.  However, you must commit to the full six months. There are no refunds or credits if you choose to drop out. This holds your feet to the fire so you can finally create what you want in the world, without excuses, resistance, or procrastination.  It’s a psychological “trick” that works, so you finally create what you’ve always wanted in your life.

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